Saturday, January 24, 2009

not until it smacks ya in the face...

I was sitting down the other day and stared at a piece of trash, the same piece of trash that has been there for about 2 weeks.  I looked at the piece of trash and wondered why I have never thrown it away.  Why have I always noticed it and never did anything about it?

There has been an issue in my life that has caused a lot of pain for me although I say that I don't care.  Part of me doesn't want to care but the other 98% of me cares  a lot.  But I keep pushing it down hoping that maybe it will go away or that I will forget about it.

Like the piece of trash, it won't go away and if I don't bend over, pick it up and throw it away it will only gather dust.  Which means that the longer I leave it there, the more dust it will accumulate.  And when I finally do pick it up, the dust goes everywhere and causes an even bigger mess for me to clean up.  Logically, I should have picked up the trash on the first glance and called it a day.  But maybe it would hurt to bend over to pick it up or maybe it took too much energy.

Like the event in my life...had I addressed the hurt as soon as possible maybe the aching in my gut wouldn't hurt quite so bad and when it comes time to deal with the problem, i wouldn't have to go digging around so much dust because I let it sit there for so long.  Right now I don't have the energy and like the piece of trash, my issue is slowly gathering dust and won't be long before the trash needs to taken out.

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